Bloatware Removal Utility clean up Windows 7-10-11

Bloatware Removal Utility is an open source script that can remove pre-installed applications and other pre-installed software from Windows systems. The script can run on Windows 7 and all other newer versions of the operating system.

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Just like Windows 10, Windows 11 brings a lot of pre-built applications. Most of them are annoying and do nothing but sit on your disk and in memory.

Especially the latest versions of Windows come with a very large number of pre-installed applications. Some of them are definitely useful, such as Notebook, Painter or Calculator, but there are many others that are usually completely ignored by users.

Bloatware Removal Utility is not the first tool released for this purpose. 'We have already seen it Windows10Debloater for Windows 10 - 11 which also removes applications added by Microsoft added to its operating systems by default.

The open source script has a graphical user interface which makes it very easy to use, even for novice users.

To get started, download the zip by GitHub. (Click on the code and download ZIP)


Extract the content to your system when the download is complete (332 Kb).

Right-click the Bloatware-Removal-Utility.bat file and select "run as administrator" or run as administrator.

A command prompt window will appear just before the GUI loads.

The portable program will show you all the installed applications. Each application will display its name, version and publisher.

The length of the list depends on how many applications you have installed on the device. But there is an easy-to-use "toggle suggested bloatware" button that will show you the bloatware installed by Microsoft.

The application creates a system restore point before removing bloatware. Disables automatic application downloads for suggested applications and sets a new default layout in the Start Menu. All three of these options can be turned off in the application menu. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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