Bloatware; automatic removal from Windows 10

Bloatware is preinstalled programs within your operating system without the immediate uninstall option. The goal of their manufacturers is of course the profit.

Microsoft is no stranger to the logic of bloatware. Windows 10 is a functionality that in addition to the necessary utilities they contain, they also have many applications that you simply do not need. Below we'll see how you can get rid of bloatware by freeing up disk space and lots of ads.bloatware Windows 10

Windows 10 Default App Remover 1.2 can automatically uninstall the default Windows 10 applications.

It is a secure application since the publisher has the source code of the program for control to each interested person.

To remove bloatware from your computer, simply tap on the application you want to remove. For example, if you do not want Solitaire, simply click on the application you want and you will see a confirmation question.

Once confirmed, the application you selected will be removed.

The amazing thing is that 10AppsManager allows you to reinstall the software that has been removed.

The application is secure under Norton Safeweb and VirusTotal.

Download it Windows 10 Default App Remover 1.2


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