The blogs and the role of the blogosphere in modern society

Not a few years ago, some giants in the field of communications and the internet decided to give free space around the world so that he could express his "want", "think", "do", "create" , its "problems" or even its "musts", through recordings on an electronic paper. The blog. That is, the "notebook".blogging

The reason why free space was created to create these records was certainly not a product of charity nor a product of unreasonable supply, since we all know that the greatest power in the world is the power of information and, at the same time, the management of information.

Blogging and blogging were originally nothing more than what we call a "diary"… "my favorite diary" according to billions of people on Earth and not in modern times, but since people immortalized themselves in cave walls in prehistory, to make them immortal in the century of the ages, that it troubled them, that they observed, that they admired and / or that it frightened them.

The truth is that they sometimes recorded (according to the new concepts, they wrote in Blogs of the wall) that they imagined, sometimes finding "records" that depict -thousands of years ago- people in… uniforms, etc., "records thousands of years ago.

If we escape from prehistory and come to modern times, let us wonder for a moment what is the role of blogs in modern societies. Let us all think how many times we did not read real news of corruption, hatred and robbery of National wealth - and not the regime proposal - by bloks!

At the same time that… reputable sites proposed the teratogenic… view as a necessity and as a capable and necessary condition to… survive… baptizing the kickbacks, sponsorships, essentially accepting the view of the receiver!

How many times have we not read in reputable pages that in order to have a tomorrow, we must be enslaved as a Country and as a People to the German and international expansionist neo-Nazi desire of the… New Order of Things (NTP) where the people will be slaves of an international faction They want the people to be busy, employed and not employed, rewarded and not paid, existing and not alive.
This above situation did not work only in Greece, but in all the Countries of the World, where, however, there was also the… antithesis of the International Beast of Things (ICT), which is the real translation of "NTP". An "contradiction" (???) described by criminal prosecutions bloggers, with downloads from the local KPPs of their pages (mainly google blogger) but even with the whipping of their managers (S. Arabia) or their heads (Bangladesh).

The reasons cited by bloggers are many. From "he was an atheist", to "insulting a company" or even "he was systemic" (!!!) as heard in the case of the late and teacher in our country, Socrates Giolias.

Before I close this post I would like all of us to realize that (excluding the rubbish that exists in every area of ​​our daily lives) blogging is -in part- the full expression of Free and selfless transfer of issues of insolence, robbery and generally illegality, to the masses , an act that most of the time, the status sites do not do, due to interests.

As a result, I recommend that you write on blogs that you see foolishly around you, in the microcosm of everyone and / or inform by mail the existing and especially to choose blogs of information and thought.

Note: We should all keep in mind that many of the pages - sites that are visited daily by millions of people for information or entertainment, are nothing more than blogs but paid space. That is, the one who has such a blog pays to the parent company that provides digital space and thus the blog owner has the ability to display a dynamic site image, while in fact it is a flexible and versatile blog.

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