Bloomberg News was caught "spying" on its customers

Journalists from the famous multinational company the media Bloomberg have a accused of using his financial data terminal the company's to spy on people that they were using the service to learn new markets.

BloombergNewsThe news Came to light when its representatives Goldman Sachs they began to complain that journalists Bloomberg kept tabs for their employees.

Ο Matthew Winkler, chief editor of Bloomberg News, admitted that Journalists had access to customer information, ωHowever, he stressed that they could have access only into a limited data, in a policy που it is said that it started in the 1990 decade.

According the Winkler, "the journalists they could to have access only in their history logins a user, without any possibility to check on confidential information". Furthermore, they could have access information through help desk of the company.

"The journalists do not have access to transactionsAt portfolio, in personally messages of customers or anything else. Not they can see even what our customers have read, "He continues Winkler.

The same also highlights the fact that to all employees the company's is prohibited to discuss articles or and exclusive information about the company and of its customers.

"We apologize for the mistake us, as well does not reflect neither the our culture nor the heritage our. Θtry it to continue to keep higher safety standards, following best practices of new technologies for to serve customers better our".

But the Federal Reserve Bank of America and the US ministry Finance they have started According to reports a research to learn more σχετικά με την "espionage ”of his journalists  Bloomberg.

"We are investigating the case and we have come into contact with Bloomberg for to learn more, ”He said a representative of the ministry in The Guardian.

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It seems that his statements Matthew Winkler, by Bloomberg News, they downplayed the event but did not convince the Feds.

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