BlueLeaks 10 year old police data leak

Μια ομάδα ακτιβιστών δημοσίευσε την Παρασκευή 296 GB που ισχυρίζονται ότι έχουν κλαπεί από υπηρεσίες επιβολής του νόμου των ΗΠΑ και όχι μόνο.

Όπως θα δείτε παρακάτω στα αρχεία που κυκλοφορούν ελεύθερα αυτή τη στιγμή περιέχονται δεδομένα από όλες σχεδόν τις χώρες και την .

The files, called BlueLeaks, were published by Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), a group described as a "transparency collective."

The data was made available online on a portal with searchable. According to the BlueLeaks portal, the leaked data contains more than a million files, such as scanned documents, videos, e-mails, audio files and more.

DDoSecrets claims that the leaked files contain ten-year records belonging to more than 200 police departments from all US states.

According to DDoSecrets, most of these files are police and FBI reports, security newsletters, law enforcement guides, and more. Some of the files are supposed to contain sensitive and personal information, such as names, bank account numbers and phone numbers.

DDoSecrets claims to have obtained BlueLeaks data from Anonymous.
Most of the files listed on the BlueLeaks portal are marked " Inc", a web hosting company based in Houston, Texas.

Η KrebsOnSecurity ανέφερε νωρίτερα σήμερα ότι η National Fusion Center Association (NFCA), μια κεντρική ένωση αστυνομικών στις ΗΠΑ, επιβεβαίωσε την αυθεντικότητα της διαρροής με μια εσωτερικής ασφάλειας που έστειλε στα μέλη της.

The NFCA said that after a preliminary analysis, the data appears to be coming from the servers of Netsential, a web hosting provider for many US law enforcement agencies.

Meanwhile, the data has already started circulating on the internet, showing the US police forces that participated in the Black Lives Matter protests in the USA. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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