BMW Connected: BMW and Microsoft change driving style

BMW Connected: The vice president of the division BMW's Life Services and Engineering Mr. Thom Brenner took to the stage at Microsoft's Build 2016 and detailed the first stage of the company's ambitious IoT plan that aims to deliver the "ultimate connectivity of smart devices that is fully integrated into the digital lifestyle" your."

The BMW video shown shows how a smart home can be connected to your car which should also be smart of course.BMW Connected

Morning from a holographic smart device that will detail the weather, morning appointments and guidance on your way to work.

The driver behind the BMW i8 steering wheel can interact with the car's entertainment system while driving. Along the way, he warns of a rock drop as he gets a call from a partner in Munich. Synchronizes his calendar with his own to arrange a lunch break next time he is in the city.

The platform, called BMW Connected, will run at Azure of Microsoft and will use the provided set of tools to help develop architecture and scale to meet the needs of BMW customers.

The first version, unveiled today, focuses on managing the driver's daily needs – estimated driving hours, traffic and route alerts, better connectivity between devices, such as phone, house and car.

All BMW owners and logged-in customers in the US (who have an iPhone - sorry Android) can download the first version of the BMW Connected app today. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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