BMW and Ansys create software for autonomous driving

Ansys and the BMW Group are expanding their partnership to create the first complete set of safety-guided tools for the development of ADAS functions and automated / autonomous driving.

Through this partnership, the BMW Group leverages Ansys's potential to become one of the first car manufacturers to offer Level 3 (L3) automated driving to consumers.

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Cooperation is the key to ensuring the reliability of the ADAS system and autonomous vehicles (AV), in order to significantly reduce the time available on the market.

Driverless vehicle technologies are complex systems that pose many challenges for carmakers, including creating and maintaining maps, mimicking human interactions, overcoming weather and design regulations, and managing cyber security.

To achieve L3-level operations, carmakers must establish strong safety, according to data extracted after millions of miles of test driving, to understand how AV systems will work.

The BMW Group will use Ansys software solutions as part of a series of tools that define, design, execute, guide, and collect critical system data.

With the capabilities of Ansys software, engineers can optimize the design and organization of simulated workflows faster. Using specific algorithms, the software efficiently and automatically searches for the most robust design solutions to help make critical decisions in the early stages of the design process, speeding up development time and reducing overall project costs.

Together with the BMW Group, Ansys addresses specific industry challenges and develops graduated solutions to address them. The reciprocity between the two companies allows up-to-date decisions to be made when developing Ansys software, which benefits the relevant equipment manufacturer (OEM) and other customers of the company.

Ansys can see firsthand how the BMW Group Group faces key design and safety challenges, both with physical and real-time simulation data.

"Autonomous driving is one of the key challenges for the automotive industry," said Prith Banerjee, chief technology officer at Ansys. "It will only be possible with cutting-edge software solutions that are native to the cloud, classified, suitable for a huge amount of data, open and scalable. The automated toolkit uses real-time motion data, as well as the scalability of Ansys simulation solutions, to improve the accuracy and reliability of AV applications and remove cost barriers to their development.

"Achieving level 3 autonomy is a key differentiator for us and an opportunity to demonstrate the high level of innovation technology we have in this area," says Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President, Driving Experience of the BMW Group.

"We are constantly looking for more comfort, more intelligence and more convenience to offer the safest and most enjoyable driving experience for our customers. To support us in these efforts, we choose Ansys as a partner due to its strong simulation background in many fields, as well as its know-how and experience in engineering with statistics and scenario analysis in the field of autonomous driving ". The Best Technology Site in Greece
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