Body Labs 3D models make your shopping from your computer

3D scans have so far been used to create small human idols, but there seems to be many more applications than the simple reproduction of a human body. Body Labs are reportedly working on it, and as they say, they are trying to create something that will change the supply and demand of the way they work in the future.

body labs

Perhaps all this is just big words, but on the other seems to be a basis.
Since at some point in the future, everyone will have a 3D scanner, or will have easier access to such a 3D device, the human body could be transformed into a working environment.

Imagine the benefits we could have in our everyday life, with an 3D scan of ourselves, let's say about ordering clothes.

Η Body Labs, he just thought about this and wants to develop an advanced technology that can get a 3D model and create an 3D digital avatar.

It took ten years of collaboration with the Brown University and the University Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, why is it?they had to create some algorithms from scratch in order to make the interconnection of consumers. Their invention should allow their customers to find, acquire and compare products and services based on their size, shape and range of motion.

Not only did this enable the tailors to have the shape of your body, but they sought to create a computer program that could use a 3D scan of yourself and show you how a garment would look on you. .

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