Boeing presents the metal that is 99,99% of air

A new video released by Boeing this week claims that the company has discovered a new metal that is "99,99% airborne." The new metal as you understand it is intended for future use in airplanes, cars and other objects.boeing microlattic metal

The metal is referred to as microlattice, and consists of rows of micro-tubes in a cross-knit that leaves a gap of air between each intersection.

The microlattice as reported by the company is one of the lightest materials known to man at this time and again with Boeing is almost ready to be released on the market.

The metal can be compressed to a high level without breaking, and absorbs more energy than normal metals, making it extremely flexible for a wide range of applications.

For example, the video below states that if we throw an egg from a building that will need about three layers of a bubble wrap to not break, but with the metal microlattice, it will require a single layer that is able to absorb the force of the fall .

Boeing did not say whether it intends to use the new metal soon, but the video says it would be useful in future for use on airplane structures to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency.

See the presentation video

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