Evgeniy Bogachev: The World's Largest Cyber ​​Crime

On Sunday, the newspaper New Y Times published an article about Evgeniy M. Bogachev, describing him as “the most cyber criminal in the world ”. The NYT history contained details of his crimes hacker, financial items such as houses, cars, yachts and photos reminiscent of FBI movies.


O Bogachev has long been wanted for hacking It has's "expropriated" millions of dollars from businesses around the world and has put hundreds of thousands of computers under its control. The malware of GameOver Zeus, made him literally rich.

Bugachev, according to the New York Times, is believed to be cooperating with the Russian secret services. He was, after all, one of the people in the presidency Obama This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. 2016 he was sanctioned in response to the Russian's case hacking which aimed to influence the US presidential election.

In another photo of him at Twitter seems to be holding a bengal cat wearing leopard pajamas and sunglasses indoors.

According to the article, Bogachev owns two villas in France and a fleet of cars parked all over Europe, so that he never has to rent a car on his vacation. He has a lot of luxury cars, but he prefers them Jeep Large Cherokee. He owns a yacht. He is extremely paranoid. He lives on the surface with his name.

There is no extradition agreement between the US and Russia and anyway the Russians have no intention of cooperating with the US in this fight against hacking, so Bogachev can continue to spend his vast fortune. At the moment, there is one 3 Million Dollar Fee for the capture of Bogachev.

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