BONVITA from ITE, control, prevention and management of frailty in the elderly

The Institute of Technology and Research's eHealth Applications and Services Center has been selected by four buyers, representing healthcare providers from Italy, Germany and Spain, to develop the BONVITA digital solution, which moves beyond latest technological developments, offering a holistic platform that incorporates all the key elements required to effectively screen, prevent and manage frailty in the elderly.


BONVITA's intelligent digital platform supports the multidisciplinary care of vulnerable and frail elderly by leveraging services specifically designed for healthcare professionals, caregivers and the elderly. BONVITA's services are accessible via the internet, televisions, mobile devices, and computers, and allow for interfacing with sensors and mobile devices available on the market.

BONVITA integrates services to support active and healthy aging by helping to empower the elderly and enhance their independent living. BONVITA supports the services of medication management, education and training, smart goal planning, providing recommendations based on personalized needs, providing help notifications, choosing personalized games to improve physical and psychological condition, smart calendar, smart dashboard, and viewing reports and analytics . Algorithms enable patient stratification, risk prediction and vulnerability detection. BONVITA offers functionalities via voice, using an intelligent virtual caregiver.

The BONVITA digital platform is implemented under a pre-commercial contract for the eCare project. ITE leads the consortium with partner Uni Systems Information Technology Systems (Greece) and three subcontractors, Biodata Devices (Spain), Captain Coach (Greece) and Imaginary (Italy).

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