Can Apple make it to this year with another "S" iPhone?


Rumors of the upcoming iPhone will now be many, especially as we approach Easter and later in the summer. This year, however, we have a difference for the first time and we are talking about how many devices Apple will finally release.

So as we have told you there are rumors about a cheaper iPhone model that we may even see until Easter with a plastic back that can remind us of 3GS. Of course, such a device will get enough of the glow of the possible upgrade to "S" of the iPhone 5. On the other hand, we have the rumors that Apple wants to launch even a 4.8-inch iPhone, although we consider it almost impossible to do so. . On the other hand, the market and consumers are more demanding than ever and Apple's competitors who bet on bigger screens did not lose and even made significant gains.

So the question is easily raised as to whether Apple will be able to do so this year with an "S" upgrade for iPhone 5 as well as what will include such an upgrade to keep Apple sales and consumer satisfaction at high levels .

Let's start with the story of "S" as an upgrade to iPhones.

Always on such upgrades, Apple is advancing to a better and faster processor. upgraded camera and some extra features in the operating system that will make use of the new processor and will be unique to this device.

With that in mind, the iPhone 3GS had a 3-megapixel camera with video and autofocus recording, a better processor, and some new applications such as voice control, built-in compass, and VoiceOver. In the iPhone 4s we had the dual-core A5 processor, 8-megapixel camera and in terms of applications we had of course the introduction of Siri.

So it's not hard to imagine what the iPhone 5s will look like since Apple does not usually change the exterior of the device to an "S" upgrade but will this be enough this year that the competition is stronger than ever? What else could Apple do to make this version more appealing to the public?


For many years there were rumors of a wider range of colors on the iPhone. This year, rumors about such a thing have erupted and even the analysts who predict such a move by Apple have entered the dance. It will definitely make the iPhone 5s quite attractive especially if it does not have any significant upgrades to the operating system and applications as it did with the 4s. In fact, AnoStyle has shown the way since it is the company that, as we have said, with $ 249 undertakes to change the color of the aluminum surface of the iPhone 5. You will say that the price is too high and we will agree but many people have trusted the company for this the change showing that the idea of ​​colored iPhones resonates with the public and even great.

New Features in Operational  

This is the old and successful Apple recipe from the old and appearance of the iPhone 3GS. IOS 7 will definitely be supported on the iPhone 5s and we are all waiting to see many important changes compared to the Paleolithic iOS 6. But what are the features that Apple could make unique for the "S" version? NFC technology and fingerprint recognition are serious candidates.

But before we talk about them another feature that can not be a big deal for us in Greece, but it will be in most other countries, it will be the ability to use Siri without having to be a user connected to a network. Some features like Reminders, opening a mobile app even offline dictation would make a difference and could support the mobile with a faster processor. If you think we're away from this, let's say Google has already started it with Google Now.

We have said many times about NFC technology and surely many believe that Apple will integrate this chip in the iPhone 5s, especially since the competition has already done it successfully. In fact, if we put the existing Passbook application in NFC technology, Apple could create a serious competitor to Google Wallet.

But what will impress most will be something else that is rumored to bring the iPhone 5s and that is nothing more than the recognition of fingerprints. Rumors of such a thing are now rampant, especially after the acquisition of Authentec, a security company with studies on such technology, by Apple last year. So the idea of ​​unlocking your iPhone just by you just by placing your finger on its screen seems very attractive to many.

Finally we have two that we should probably consider for sure. One is the upgraded camera that will probably reach 13-megapixel as there is now competition from other companies and maybe a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera on the front to support 1080p video recording. The second thing we are very likely to see is the increase in capacity. As the 3GS brought the 32GB, the 4S the 64GB so we expect that the iPhone 5s will have a maximum capacity of 128GB especially since the beginning was made with the iPad 4.


Rather, we should say goodbye to all the i 16GB devices as I sincerely believe that Apple, if not from this year, but surely from time to time will start all its iOS devices from 32GB.

If you are wondering now about possible release dates we will laugh at you as many claim that summer is possible otherwise Apple will follow the same schedule and we will see the iPhone 5s after September (4S October 2011 and iPhone 5 September 2012).

Concluding, we believe that Apple is well aware that the next upgrading of iPhone should bring new and rich features to look at equal competition and it is very likely that we will see most of the above being done. Now about whether these are enough and if they convince the public this is another chat.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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