New BPG Image Template

The up to date widespread image standard on the web is jpg but a new format, the BPG comes to replace it. 


According to the first estimates, the BPG is an image coding standard that will offer JPEG quality with half the volume requirement. BPG stands for Better Portable Graphics, better portable graphics. This means that even though the images will be compressed, this does not mean that quality will be reduced, as is the case with very compressed JPEG files.

One of the advantages of the BPG standard is that there may be a lack of background, as is the case with PNG files, and in order to be able to appear on a website, they require the incorporation of a 55 KB decoder to be able to be viewed correctly.

It is difficult to tell if the BPG standard will replace the widespread JPEG, especially if one thinks he is doing his job well enough to meet the needs of online image viewing. However, it remains an interesting proposition that we may be seeing more and more in the future, as requirements for data compression and maintaining the best possible quality will be increased.

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