Brave browser fast secure allows torrent download & streaming

Brave is a new web browser that offers privacy protection and comes with built-in support for torrent downloading and video streaming. The browser allows not only experienced downloaders but also completely newbies to download torrents directly, without any hassle.

With the emergence of fast internet, fast data transfer tools and video streaming services were also needed.Brave

This resulted in the Browne browser. It began at the beginning of last year, and originally designed to protect your privacy.
Now, however, it also supports torrent downloads out of the box, as well as direct torrent streaming. Project developer and co-founder Brian Bondy says in TorrentFreak:

"Brave is a new open source browser designed for speed and security. It has a built-in adblocker that by definition provides an ad-free seamless browsing experience. ”

Bondy says the new browser Brave significantly improves browsing speed while shielding users from malicious advertisements. It also offers a wide range of features for privacy and security protection such as HTTPS Everywhere, script blockingAnd third-party cookie blocking.

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Naturally, the new feature that draws attention is built-in support for BitTorrent transfers. It is powered by WebTorrent technology, which allows Brave to download torrents via magnet links directly from the browser.

While torrent downloading from a browser is not entirely new feature (Opera has a similar feature, for example), Brave also supports torrent streaming. This means that users can view videos instantly without having to visit a video streaming page.

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