Brave: faster and with Chrome extensions

Brave is a new browser that offers privacy and supports installing Chrome extensions. Also, as you already know, it comes with built-in support for torrent downloading and video streaming.

The browser allows not only experienced downloaders but also completely newbies to download torrents directly, without any hassle.Brave

By of fast internet were needed and fast for data transfer and video streaming services.

This resulted in the Browne browser. It began at the beginning of last year, and originally designed to protect your privacy. The application from this month began using the Chromium engine.

Brave used the Chromium engine from the start, but did not use it for the app's UI. The company's developers had developed Muon, a custom "safer" fork of Electron, and used it for the environment of the browser user.

The company announced plans to replace Muon in Chromium at the beginning of 2018 and apparently managed to make it happen shortly before time runs out. So Brave's latest releases use Chromium for both the user's performance and user interface.

The company he says that this move has several advantages: initial benchmarks show that load time improved by 22% on average compared to versions that used Muon UI. Among the advantages it is worth mentioning that the new supports of Chrome.

Those interested can download that extension they want from the Chrome Web Store.

Download the application from the official website

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