Bridges Awards institution for rewarding cooperation

The Bridges Awards is a new prize institution within the Bridges of Knowledge and Cooperation Initiative and aims to strengthen networking and cooperation, exchange and transfer of know-how, and create new prospects for synergies and employment opportunities among all-Greek scientists - researchers and entrepreneurs with residents in Greece.

Bridges Awards

With the slogan "Bridging the Distance, Rewarding Collaboration," the "Knowledge and Cooperation Bridges" initiative launches a new Award Institution to promote and reward cooperation among Greeks around the world.

The Bridges Awards (, which is being implemented for the first time this year, includes two award categories, the "Scientific Network Bridges" and the "Business Bridges". The first category rewards individual scientific networks or collaborative networks from Greece and abroad that have significant results and in which at least 15 members from all over the world participate. The second category focuses on business formations, involving Greek and foreign nationals (Greek or non-Greek), aiming to produce a product or service with an impact on the country.

The main goals of the Bridges Awards include the operation of prize-giving as a source of encouragement and promotion of the creative human potential of the country wherever it may be, strengthening the ties of Greek or Greek origin of scientists, professionals and entrepreneurs who live and work abroad Greece, the development of collaborations leading to mutual benefit, the increase of the extroversion of Greek enterprises and their products and services, and finally the creation of conditions for dealing with of the phenomenon of leakage of specialized human resources in Greece.

Within the Bridges Awards, cash prizes will be awarded to up to 6 collaborations of scientific networks and up to 6 business partnerships with an impact on Greece.

For awards for scientific networks:

  • 1st Prize: 15.000 euros
  • 2st Prize: 12.000 euros
  • 3st Prize: 10.000 euros
  • 3 Awards: 5.000 Euro (per distinction)

For Business Partner Awards:

  • 1 Prize: 25.000 Euro
  • 2st Prize: 20.000 euros
  • 3st Prize: 15.000 euros
  • 3 Awards: 10.000 Euro (per distinction)

The evaluation of the prize applications will be carried out by a special committee and includes three stages, (1) the formal fulfillment of the conditions for participation, (2) the evaluation of the applications and (3) the checking of the validity of the supporting documents for the candidates for prize applications. 

Electronic submissions started on Friday 31 May 2019 and will end on Monday 16 September 2019 on 17: 00 (Greece time). Interested parties can be informed about the terms and conditions of participation, as well as submitting the online application form

Implementing Bridges Awards are the General Secretariat for Strategic and Private Investments of the Ministry of Economy and Development and the National Documentation Center (ESF).

It is noted that through the Bridges of Knowledge and Collaboration initiative (www.knowledgebridges.grsupports networking and the development of "bridges" with Greeks living and working abroad, emphasizing their reunification with the country, taking advantage of opportunities to engage and collaborate with scientists, professionals, institutions and businesses.

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Bridges Awards

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