Browser for site testing

With the free LT Browser for desktops you can see what a mobile website looks like with over 45 screen resolutions.

Since many people have access to the internet from their mobile devices, optimizing your mobile site is just as important as optimizing the PC version.

However, testing the appearance of your site on the various mobile phones on the market is rather a arduous and difficult task, as it is not possible to own the full range of mobile phones. However, the test can be performed inexpensively from your desktop computer.

The LambdaTest LT Browser browser, is a perfect tool for developers and designers, allowing them to experience what websites look like on over 45 types of mobile screens, tablets and desktops. The program allows you to take screenshots, record test videos, and provide test information, including performance charts and more.

LT Browser is a PC application available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You can get the latest version from the official website and install it on your computer. All tests are performed in the application of the computer browser, while the reports are listed in the online control panel of the site. This means that you can access the report at any time from anywhere.

After you install the browser application on your computer, you must log in to your LT Browser account to be able to synchronize the control. You can then bring up a two-column layout where you can select different types of devices in each column. In terms of device list, it covers all the popular and latest mobile analogs and resolutions, as well as tablets and desktops.

All you have to do is enter the site in the URL box and it will load on both devices. You can then test it separately on both devices side-by-side. You can change the orientation, camera switch, and network connection type.

During the test, you can take a screenshot of part or all of the site. You can also comment on the screenshot after downloading it. Screenshots are saved in your LT Browser account.

The program offers you various testing options, such as geolocation testing from different countries, and saves your results in an online dashboard where you can access them from anywhere in the world.

The free version of the program offers you:

  • 30 minutes daily access to LT Browser,
  • a parallel test involving up to 5 users,
  • 60 minutes / month real-time trial (in 6 sessions of 10 minutes each)
  • 10 screenshots per month
  • 10 response tests (video) per month
  • Free 100 minutes of automation for 15 days (trial mode)

LT Browser is a handy tool for designers and developers, allowing them a simple way to test mobile websites. It is suitable for developers and site owners who like to constantly "screw" their site. Alternatively, you can see what your site looks like on various mobiles and tablets, through the Chrome Developer feature.

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