Which browser you trust the most

The Browser or browser is one of the applications you use every day. You visit your friends on social networks, read the news, help you with your transactions and much more.

But how much do you trust it?browser

This is the question in the following poll, and it varies greatly by which program you use. You may be using Internet Explorer because you may have learned it from your grandfather, but that does not mean that the Microsoft application is the safest. So the following questions come up because trust is important but it is also complicated.

We usually trust different browsers to protect us from malware and phishing. Many of us also trust third party plugins to protect us from ads, trackers and malicious scripts.

The problem is that the only companies that can afford to produce such complex and expensive software for free are the ones that seem to have the least confidence.

Some of us may still believe in Google's slogan "do not be evil", the integrity of Microsoft that accuses Google of collecting tons of data through Windows 10 telemetry. that the first company of one trillion has been announced, and Tor, which is based on Firefox, can not escape its military past.

Let's talk about trust

The following questions are not a scientific survey nor an attempt to objectively measure the security of browsers. It is clearly about how you feel, and what you are willing to trust.

Which browser do you trust the most? Of course you can also leave a comment, because the writing remains.


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