Brutus: Python exploitation framework

Brutus is an educational toolkit written in Python, which automates network-based holdings before and after the connection, as well as internet recognition.

Optimized for Kali Linux, Brutus is also compatible with macOS and most Linux distributions, with a fully interactive command line interface that dynamically implements OS analysis for platform functions, control, and data validation.

Main characteristics

MAC Address Generator
Network Scanner
ARP Spoofer (establish MITM)
DNS Spoofer
Packet Sniffer
File Surrogator
Javascript Injector
Reverse-Shell Listener


Required programs

netfilterqueue (pip3 install -U git + https: //

then run the command
[pastacode manual = ”pip3% 20install% 20-r% 20requirements.txt” provider = ”manual” lang = ”php” /]

Application snapshots

Video guide

You can download the program from here..

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