BSI (Germany) Do not use Kaspersky products

The German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, warns companies not to use Kaspersky security products.

Η Kaspersky είναι μια ασφαλείας με έδρα τη Μόσχα, που ιδρύθηκε το 1997. Στο she has a lot of success, but also controversies about the possible relationship of the company with the Russian government.kasperskylab

Kaspersky believes that because it offers protection services to Russian state infrastructure, it can not remain completely neutral.

Today, BSI asked German companies to replace Kaspersky AV and any other company products with an alternative from non-Russian suppliers.

Όπως εξηγεί η δήλωση της BSI, το προστασίας από ιούς έχει συνήθως προνόμια υψηλότερου επιπέδου στα συστήματα των Windows, διατηρώντας μια μόνιμη, κρυπτογραφημένη και μη επαληθεύσιμη σύνδεση με τους διακομιστές του προμηθευτή για συνεχείς ενημερώσεις.

So since real-time protection from almost all security companies can upload suspicious files to remote servers for further , there is concern that Russian developers could use their software to obtain sensitive files.

Although Kaspersky is likely to be trusted, it should comply with Russian law, and allow government agents to access databases of private companies.

The BSI therefore states that Kaspersky could be forced to assist the Russian intelligence services in conducting cyberattacks or espionage. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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