Facebook's Bug displays its users as dead

A strange and macabre bug on Facebook suddenly started to display a message on the user profile informing their friends and their families that the user has died.

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The news was given by Business Insider and reports that a specific bar is displayed above a profile that says:

We hope people who love [Username] feel consolation with the thoughts they share to remember and glorify their lives.

The message also includes one link to a form Facebook where you can inform the company about the death of the user.

The Bug seems to not affect the world and it is unclear at this moment how much it has spread or what is causing it. Business Insider says it saw this message at CEO Mark Zuckerberg's account, but when we visited, we couldn't find anything relevant. In fact, we haven't been able to find any "fake dead" so far, and that seems to be a problem that doesn't affect the platform globally.

Explanations of the bug have not been provided by Facebok, but we are soon expected to know exactly what has happened. We hope, however, that we did not bother them, since one day we had written an article about the possibility that you have to tell Facebok how to do it with your account after your death.

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