Bug Bounty for Microsoft Teams

One of the best ways to να βρουν ελαττώματα στο λογισμικό τους είναι να πληρώσουν κάποιους να το “σπάσουν”.

Microsoft is well aware of this and runs bug bounties very often to find and report critical bugs.

The company's new Bug Bounty concerns Microsoft Teams. Microsoft offers up to $ 30.000 to anyone who finds and reports an error. The company categorizes each error into different prize schemes, which dictate the amount you can win if you are interested.

For example, if you spot a bug that could seriously damage your client's privacy and security, you could save up to $ 6.000 to $ 30.000.

If you find an exploit that does not fit Bug Bounty terms well enough, Microsoft will give you between $ 500 and $ 15.000.

If you think you have everything you need to win in the new Bug Bounty, visit it Microsoft Security Resource Center  to see all the details and instructions on how to submit Microsoft Teams errors.

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