Skip the time-limit in Windows

Reader of Christoforos Androglou shows us a Windows bug that allows you to bypass the time constraint that can be set by the parental control service. unlock-free

Let's see how it works:

When user time expires, the Windows they throw a blue screen asking for an administrator code to give extra time.

From this point, you select Restart or Terminate and shortly before the screen closes (still writes that it stops / restarts) you press the 3 keystroke combination ctrl-alt-del to open the task manager.

Somewhere here there is a issue of synchronization, as Christoforos mentions, as he has to succeed about 1 second before the exit is completed. Sometimes it opens the desktop directly, but other times you have to start it from the RUN by following the path File-Run new task or File - Run new task. Type explorer and press enter.

run Windows
Privileges and access levels are based on the user's access levels (admin or regular user).

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