Cambridge Analytica 2 - Trump: how the 2020 elections are planned

Cambridge Analytica may be past, but its spirit will be in the US presidential election 2020. Former senior executives of the business filed for bankruptcy will collaborate in the election campaign with Trump 2020 under the name of a new company.
But do not tell anyone, because it is obviously supposed to be a secret.
Cambridge Analytica
The news says Brad Parscale, the head of the campaign for the upcoming re-election of President Donald Trump, 2020, talks with the company, according to sources from AP News.

The new company is called Data Propria. At least four former Cambridge Analytica executives are linked to it. Matt Oczkowski who heads the new company, was also the former head of of Cambridge Analytica, while its chief data scientist, David Wilkonson, is also among those reportedly linked to Data Propria.

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it would make sense if President Trump's team tried to get away from the former executives of the company.

But for Parscale, this is going to be very difficult as it is co-owner of Cloud Commerce, the parent of Data Propria.

Recall that Cambridge Analytica claims that it did nothing wrong. Congress of course disagrees, but for some reason it seems to throw it all on Facebook.
In addition, Parscale and Oczkowski denied Data Propria's participation in the 2020 campaign.

Parscale, he claims, isn't thinking that far ahead. Although in a strange way, Cambridge Analytica began to collect for Hamburg's 2016 campaign since 2014. Oczkowski, for his part, denies involvement in the 2020 campaign, according to AP News, but says the firm will participate in the 2018 election.

However, AP News sources claim there are already many conversations that show things a little different. According to Publication:

In one such conversation, which took place in a public place and was overheard by two AP reporters, Oczkowski said he and Trump's 2020 campaign , Brad Parscale, were “doing the president's work for 2020.”

All of the above makes it more than obvious that the Trump campaign for 2020 starts out wonderfully: it surrounds itself with the same people as before (without Stephen Bannon, who is busy with the President's next plan, world domination).

We should be ready for Cambridge Analytica 2.0 as the Trump machine for the 2020 election is already ready for action.

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