Do you have to trust Google's suggested answers?

When you type a question in Google Search, it usually returns a full response to the top of the page. This suggested suggested response feature may offer time savings, but the answer you give may be totally wrong.

But why should Google give wrong information?

Short snippets of information at the top of Google search results in SEO are also known as "featured snippets," and are considered "rich answers," and "rich snippets," respectively. These excerpts are given a higher priority, compared to the usual results, which do not contain the above tags. Google

The above mentioned to understand how Google determines which snippets will be displayed from a post.

To determine now the priority uses a technology called the Knowledge Graph database. However, this database can not verify verified sources.

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This means that Google's suggested responses can be posted at the top of the results page by any top search result, even if it was not the site that first published it.

How do these results reach the top?

An important cause is popularity, but it is not the only one. Google gives priority to links that answer directly to common questions, and links that answer these questions in the fewer words. Let's say that Google's search engine also likes the answers that offer the information in a list format.

As you understand, it does not matter whether information is accurate or not. Examples of the past have proven this. Of course they were quickly removed as soon as they became viral:

An earlier entry of Google for Barack Obama referred him as "King of America," or many entries that said dinosaurs never existed.

Of course the wrong answers continue to exist. Why;

Google Search uses an automated process that decides whether to keep an excerpt or change it based on its performance. Thus, a completely false quote could be described as a top suggested answer until someone comes to notice it. Google is usually quick enough to fix any such issue, but always after a celebration.

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So it's best not to believe the first thing you read…

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