The cancel_skroutz that became cancel_shopflix

It all started when the online media, and posted reports which stated that the company with the brand name deceived the consumer public through its cooperation with the company 365shop, which according to certain accounts on twitter, extorted money from citizens who, while paying for their order, never received it.
Let's see what followed: In the last few days, a lot of posts have been circulating on social media regarding another online store incident and orders placed through Skroutz, paid for, but never reached the customer.sheep

A few days ago, there were complaints about 365shop. Skroutz then announced the termination of cooperation with the specific online store, stating that the complaints related to transactions outside the s.

In fact, the management of Skroutz responded via twitter, arguing that since the were made outside of its marketplace, it bears no responsibility.

But all of the above was just the beginning.

While everything seemed to be over after the announcement of the company on April 9, 2022, on 13/04/2022, the website, posted an article entitled: Complaint - collusion against Skroutz for deceiving customers, bringing the issue back to the forefront.

On 14/04/2022 at 7:15, the informative website posted the same article as at the level , which is also headlined: Complaint – scuttlebutt against Skroutz for defrauding customers while also quoting the tweets of allegedly angry consumers.

On 14/04/2022 at 8:15 the informative website publishes the first "report" which highlights the "rage" on twitter against with the title: #Cancel_Skroutz: Rage on social media for a long time online fraud through the popular platform.

The strange thing about the case, however, is that the hashtag #Cancel_Skroutz started trending on twitter after the reports, specifically after noon on April 14, which did not go unnoticed by the

#Cancel_skroutz started spinning on twitter 59 minutes ago. In the press, however, they discovered it 4 hours earlier. It's like an inherited gift. #cancel_shopflix

Twitter users noticed that the hashtag #cancel_skroutz was launched by supposedly dissatisfied consumers. A closer look found that there were too many new twitter accounts, who had only one post. Guess what was the hashtag they posted: #cancel_skroutz

At the same time, there were many users who considered that the specific media benefited from the outbreak against, as their owner, the shipowner Vangelis Marinakis, maintains the new marketplace under the name shopflix. Twitter users report that the shipowner's intention was for the company to lose its credibility in order to increase the popularity of shopflix, as a result of which a new wave with the hashtag #cancel_shopflix broke out.

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Written by giorgos

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  1. Find Homo Sapiens, you left the Scrooge page, you entered their 365shop page, what money do you ask for?
    Cheap you did not want to get it, take 2 @@ now to have to remember them. What are you whining about?
    If you do a search through Google an eshop and then ask for money from Google.
    You do not lose money only when you put it in the Skroutz basket and you do not leave the page
    You should have been careful. The eshop was audited and was working

  2. Yes, smart guru, I lost my money and if you want to look for it, let me prove it! And yes I have Twitter here and I do not know how many years but I do not use it, will I give you an account? We are a group of 200+ on facebook and our #cancel_skroutz was a protest against the way we were deceived by their partner 365shop !!! From there and beyond if you want me to prove to you that I have lost 432 € for the order of a palit geforce rtx 3060 dual you know my email, but you will have to compensate me either with the amount or with the card! Ate graphic !!!

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