Canonical & Microsoft Collaboration: Ubuntu comes in Windows 10

Canonical & Microsoft together; No, the end of the world has not come. As Microsoft prepares for the BUILD developer conference, some exciting news is expected today.Canonical Microsoft Ubuntu Windows 10

According to a new publication ZDNet, the big announcement is likely to mention a partnership between Canonical and Microsoft, which will aim to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10.

At the moment, we do not know too many things as Microsoft is trying to keep secret cooperation. However, if you are hoping to be able to run Ubuntu directly through Windows 10, you will probably be disappointed. This announcement is probably not about the general public.

Most likely it is Microsoft's integration into Windows 10, and a Linux subsystem as already outlined in the operating system preview versions released this year.

In addition, the project will not be for consumers but for developers. We know Microsoft's persistence with developers lately.

Ubuntu is most likely to run on some native Windows libraries and is almost certain to come without the Unity interface, but only in Bash and with a CLI toolkit, including make, gawk, and grep.

Recently, a new BUILD 2016 session was posted on Channel 9 called "Running Bash on Ubuntu on Windows" (but it was quickly removed before anyone noticed) and it seems that a great announcement will be made at the developers' conference.

A first announcement from Microsoft could be released later today. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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