Canonical: begins collecting data in Ubuntu

Canonical's Ubuntu Desktop Director, Will Cooke announced yesterday that the company wants to apply some data collection mechanism to future versions of Ubuntu Linux to improve features that are more relevant to users.Canonical

Information will be handled by Canonical Ubuntu Desktop technicians and needed to improve certain features of the operating system, such as user settings, installed software, flavor and Ubuntu version, network connectivity, CPU family, RAM, and OEM build.

In addition, the company says it should know your location, but promises not to store users' IP addresses.

Other information that will be collected includes total installation time, auto-login information, selected disk layout, LivePatch activation, and whether you choose to install updates or third-party software during installation.

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Canonical reports that it plans to implement the new data collection option from the installer through a check box called "Send diagnostic information to improve Ubuntu”And which will be enabled by default.

Of course, you will be able to disable it during installation if you do not want to give your data to Canonical.

Canonical reported that all data collected by the installation will be sent securely to a service managed by the Canonical IS Group via HTTPS.

The data will be stored locally on your computer and will be sent to Canonical at the first startup and once an active network connection is detected.

All users according to the company will be able to access the file containing the collected data and that the results of this data collection will be made public.

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