Vicarious has developed an algorithm that breaks CAPTCHA

captchaIn accordance with Reuters, a new software works like a human brain for one purpose: it can bypass CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHA is the service that websites use to verify if those who try to login are people rather than machines.

The company Vicarious from San Francisco developed an algorithm for this purpose as the co-founder said D. Scott Phoenix.

"We wanted to show that we could create the first machine that works like a human brain, and that we are the best place in the world for artificial intelligence research," he told Reuters in a telephone interview.

The company has not yet submitted a study describing its methodology in an academic journal, which makes it difficult for outside experts to evaluate new technology. The company in a video offers a demonstration of its new technology showing its algorithm to break its CAPTCHAs Google of PayPal and eBay, including.

This Vicarious algorithm has success rates of 90 with 97%, depending on the difficulty of CAPTCHA.captcha

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