Capture2Text OCR: free image in text + translation

Capture2Text is a free for which provides you with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality. For those who didn't understand, the app allows you to highlight anything in the to retrieve the text and copy it to the Windows Clipboard.

Capture2Text works similarly to other free solutions such as Free OCR or Java-bsed JOCR, but is updated regularly and is fully compatible with all recent versions of Windows.Capture2Text

The OCRs are useful when you need to copy text that appears in images or other file formats that do not allow copying and editing of text.

The Capture2Text application is quite large (the exe is more than 60 Megabytes), but it does not need to be installed. You can simply run the exe from any Windows, as it is portable.

The program uses about 60 megabytes of memory when it runs.

The application points to the text with an overlay on the screen and in a program window. You can edit the text directly from there, which is quite handy especially if the OCR did not correctly recognize the characters. The content is automatically copied to the Clipboard from where you can edit it in any way you deem appropriate.

Capture2Text supports several languages, and the setting is English. From the but you will also find other languages ​​such as German, French, Japanese or Spanish. The application also supports Greek.

In total there are 106 languages ​​on the project page at SourceForge at this time.

Capture2Text supports automatic translation but you must enable it from the program options. If enabled, it will translate a recognized language into another using .

Capture2Text is a powerful OCR software for Windows. It's a bit heavy on the memory side when it runs, but the OCR capabilities and the additional functionality it offers justify it.

Error rates in OCR are low.

Download the latest version from The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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