CBL-Mariner is Microsoft Linux!

Okay, it's not called MS-Linux or Lindows, but Microsoft already has its own Linux distribution: Distribution Common Base Linux (CBL) -Mariner is here. And, as with any Linux distribution, you can download and run it yourself. Amazing?

Let us mention once again that Linus Torvalds, and Microsoft are no longer enemies. The company's enemy may be AWS and Google, but not Linux.

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The CBL-Mariner distribution was uploaded by Microsoft without drumbeats to GitHub and can be used by anyone. Indeed, Juan Manuel Rey, Microsoft Senior Program Manager for Azure VMware, recently published a guide on how to create an ISO image from CBL-Mariner distribution code.

Note that the CBL-Mariner distribution is not a Linux desktop. This is Microsoft's first specialized Linux distribution, used to provide cutting-edge computing services, and is a Linux server.

We are currently talking about an internal Linux distribution. Designed for Microsoft cloud infrastructure for cutting-edge products and services. Its main job is to provide a consistent Linux platform for these devices and services. Just like distribution Fedora for Red Hat.

CBL-Mariner is based on the idea that you need a small set of packages to meet your cloud service needs. If you need more, CBL-Mariner will let you install them. It also allows you to (easily) create RPM packages from SPEC and source files. Alternatively, you can also use it to create ISO images or a virtual hard disk (VHD).

So the basic CBL-Mariner is a very light Linux, but you can use it as a container. With its limited size it leaves no room for many security vulnerabilities which facilitates the development of security updates via RPM.

For more information on its security features, see list of security features of CBL-Mariner distribution on GitHub.

Like any other Linux distribution, CBL-Mariner is built on top of another distribution. Microsoft mentions VMware's Photon OS, a secure Linux, the Fedora project, Linux from Scratch, the OpenMamba distribution, and, yes, even GNU and the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Microsoft now seems to recognize the importance of the FSF when Ballmer stated that "Linux is a cancer".

To try it out for yourself, you must have an Ubuntu distribution installed 18.04 and up. You will also need the latest version of Go and Docker.

Although the default build system is Ubuntu, the CBL-Mariner distribution relies heavily on the Fedora distribution. For example, it uses Tiny DNF as a DNF RPM packet manager. For the atomic image-based update mechanism uses RPM-OSTree

Therefore, if you want a secure, stable Linux for your computer or container needs, you can try CBL-Mariner.



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