The 123456 code lost the lead. Which company is the most at risk?

A new study shows that Internet users are now leaving behind the code "123456" but continue to use easy words as passwords.

CBT Nuggets analyzed data from 50.000 leaked emails and passwords and found that the most commonly used passwords are: "love," "star," "rock," "miss," "hell," " Mike, "" John, "" girl, "and" angel. "

“Men were slightly more prone to hacking, based on our information. And interestingly, people aged 25 to 34 were four times more likely to be hacked than any other age. “code

The names most commonly used as passwords are "Michael" or "Mike," "Chris" or "Christopher," "John" or "Jonathan," "Dave" and "David," and "Math" or "Matthew."

The study shows that 42% of people whose accounts were being violated were using usernames as passwords.

Which company, however, continues to hold the lead with most hacked accounts?

CBT Nuggets reports that Yahoo's accounts are much more likely to be exposed. Here is Hotmail (now called Outlook) and Gmail. Yahoo nevertheless leads the list with 47.95 percent more likely to violate your account.code

If you are wondering what is the best way to protect your account:

A password that hackers can not guess along with the use of two-factor authentication. Of course, using a trusted password manager will help you if you do not remember complicated passwords. Choose an offline password manager (KeePass: Free and Reliable) as it offers more security.

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