CCleaner 5.50 new version from Piriform

Piriform released a new version of the CCleaner File Cleaner software. OR 5.50 version, is reported to have new options to control program updates.

The 2018 was not very pleasant for Piriform, the CCleaner software development company, and Avast's parent company.

Embedding telemetry in the application, without informing users and without switching options, along with forced automatic updates to new versions of CCleaner, were two of 2018's biggest bugs.CCleaner

The new version of CCleaner 5.50, however, comes with a new menu "Updates" in the program options. Provides users with control of application updates according to release notes.

CCleaner therefore seems to be giving control of the updates to the end user. Piriform distinguishes between "major" updates that ensure that "CCleaner runs safely and smoothly" and simple product updates that simply suggest upgrades.

Product updates are defined as updates that "provide the latest product improvements and cleaning system updates."

Automatic updates will only be important updates, but they will still have to be enabled by the end user. After downloading and installing automatically, users will receive a notification that updates them on their system.

Simple product updates will only be manually applied to free users. Pro users will be able to apply updates automatically.

The option to view notifications for new updates is deactivated by default. So those who wish to receive information should activate the function.

Piriform seems to be making much more effort after the scandals broke out. The company added more privacy options to the program. It remains to be seen whether all that promises with the new version is working.

Of course things would go much better if Piriform not exploited the confidence that users of the app have shown them for so long.

Will you re-trust Piriform and CCleaner?


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