CCleaner 5.71 with privacy fixes?

The CCleaner application is a controversial program for privacy and functionality especially in the last two years, and after its acquisition by Avast.

Most of the users' concerns were about privacy and of course the company's commitment not to collect data. The problems caused by the company's decisions to allow data collection but also with functionality which allowed the teasing of the Registry resulted in Windows Defender featuring CCleaner application as potentially unwanted in 2020.

Today the company released CCleaner 5.71. The changelog is short and states:

All users can now opt out of promotions (ads) for other products.

Users who installed CCleaner on supported systems saw ads, usually from Avast, the parent company. So users who did not pay the necessary attention to the installation ended up with additional software installed on their devices.

If you now insist on using the app you should use the portable version as it does not need to be installed (and therefore will not display ads during installation). It is on the page builds on the official website.

CCleaner users can find the new setting in Options> Privacy.

For data collection, to opt out of data sharing and bidding, turn off the following two settings:

  • Help improve this app and our other products by sharing app-usage data with us.
  • See possible upgrades and offers for our other products by sharing app-usage data with us.

The exception does not appear to help users during the first install, as the ads will be displayed. If you can not do without CCleaner use the portable version mentioned above, or even better use the alternative bleachbit.

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