CCleaner: Caution installs the CCleaner Browser

CCleaner, is one of the most popular Windows file cleaner applications. But in the last time, and since Piriform developed it, it began to create many problems for those who use it.

This time, the app installer adds the CCleaner Browser to your computer if you do not notice it during the installation.

CCleaner offers third party offers. Technically, not all offers from a third party, as Avast Browser, or Avast antivirus is owned by Avast, its parent Piriform which is developing the CCleaner application.


Users of the CCleaner application that are upgrading the software or trying to reinstall it using the full installer will surely notice these offers.

Crapware is available by default and if users do not pay attention to the installation application, they can install third-party programs on their devices.

The installation offer for the CC browser appears to have been integrated into the 5.59 version of the application. Piriform has released the 5.60 version recently.

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One user he remarked that after the installation of CCleaner there was also the CCleaner Browser on his device and that the program had undertaken to automatically open any HTML file.

The CCleaner installer of the new application 5.60 included an offer to install Avast Free Antivirus on a trial, while another installation attempt did not show any "offer."

It is likely that Piriform has withdrawn the offer in the meantime or that it is occasionally available to some users.

The installation application offers by default its CC Browser with two options: the first one installs the browser, and the second one makes it the default browser. The second option also affects file associations in the system.

If you installed CC Browser you can remove it like any other application. In Windows 10, you use the two Windows-I keys to open the Settings application and select Applications to display the list of installed programs.

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CCleaner Browser should be on this list and you can choose to uninstall it from your system. You may also need to change the file associations if they changed when installing CCleaner.

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