Cellebrite violates every device with iOS and Android

The Israeli company Cellebrite, known mainly for the iPhone tampering apps which works with governments worldwide, claims to have developed new software that can "break" any phone running iOS and Android.

The company used Twitter to advertise her latest app, and says it can retrieve any information stored on iPhones or Android devices, as well as data stored in third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many more.

The information published on the company's website reveals that Cellebrite can also access data that has already been deleted from each phone or even retrieve information from damaged devices.

"Override locking and exporting entire system files to any iOS device or physical file system extraction (encrypted root files) on many high-tech Android devices," says Cellebrite.

"Access third-party application data, chats, emails and attachments, deleted content and more, increase your chances of finding incriminating evidence."

Cellebrite, which emphasizes that its offer is targeted only at governments trying to unlock devices using criminals or terrorists, says its application works flawlessly with Apple devices running iOS 7 up to iOS 12.3, and for the majority of the high-end Android devices manufactured by Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi and Motorola.


The Israeli company claims that its applications should not fall into the wrong hands to protect exploits, since smartphone makers would be trying to fix the security gaps.

Apple has already tried to tackle Cellebrite hacking products with too many updates in iOS but also with a new feature that blocks the USB connection time on locked iPhone.

It is worth recalling that hacking company had fallen victim to hacking the 2017.

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