CentOS 7 a distribution for all jobs but not for everyone

CentOS 7: The CentOS operating system is developed by an open source collaborative community. Typically, CentOS users are companies and individuals who do not need strong commercial support for their operating system.

CentOS is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 100% Compatible Rebuild that fully complies with Red Hat's distribution requirements. CentOS is for those who need stability in a business-class operating system without the cost of certification and support.7 CentOS

From 2014, Red Hat funds CentOS, allowing the development team to maintain its open-source character.

CentOS 7 is a great choice for home use, even on a Linux-friendly laptop. It will work well despite the challenges. Facing the challenges is also the disadvantage of CentOS, as it does not have the support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

This means that it is not for you that you want everything ready.

Different distributions have out of the box support for your computer hardware. Ubuntu and Ubuntoids in general are more media friendly and have better support for smartphone collaboration. CentOS makes the fundamentals much better, and that means stability, consistency, and ultimate support for every hardware.
CentOS has the business temperament and does not use new technologies for more stability, but all problems-challenges are solvable. You can fix everything, and you will not be surprised the next day.

I installed CentOS 7 on a HP Pavilion g6. I have to say that I spent enough energy and time to bring the functional where I wanted it.
This is something that we can not ignore. However, his performance is not played and certainly the result deserved the trouble and time.

I chose this distribution because I wanted a local Plesk Panel installation on a machine I use for web hosting testing and web development.

This means I wanted a local web server with a functional desktop (I chose Cinnamon) that has the functional consistency of Red Hat.
I could use Fedora's latest distribution, but I chose stability instead of cutting edge applications.

It took a lot of work for proper network support and some additional repos, adding new software, encoders, drivers for other file systems and protocols, and whatever else you imagine.

CentOS installation and setup only once. For me, this is very important for production machines.


CentOS 7 will not disappoint you if you are willing to build a machine as you want from the start, hardware and if you have it. CentOS 7 manages to deliver a workstation system that just works.
Let's mention once again that any repair is permanent and will not be spoiled with the next update.

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