CentOS 8.2.2004 for stability and reliability

Brian Stinson has announced the release of a new updated s of CentOS, a Linux distribution developed from its source code Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The new version of CentOS 8.2.2004 is available for the aarch64, ppc64le and x86_64 architectures.
To mention that distribution is one of my favorites due to its stability and reliability. Let me also mention that in order for your system to work as you want it will need several settings, but you will do them once!

“We are pleased to announce the general availability of CentOS Linux 8. This is the current release for CentOS Linux 8, marked as 2004, and derived from the source code . 2.

Updates made available since the upstream release are included on all architectures. We recommend that you apply all updates, including the content released today, to your CentOS Linux 8 machine by simply running the 'dnf update' command.

As with all components of CentOS Linux 8, this version was created by sources hosted on git.centos.org.

The resources will be available from vault.centos.org in their own dedicated directories to match the respective binary RPMs. ”

Read more about the new version at release announcement. More details at detailed issuance notes.


(mirrors, SHA256)

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