Hacked the central bank of Russia 34 CM made wings

Yes hacked another big bank. This time Russia's central bank was the victim of a cyber-attack that allowed hackers to steal about 31 million dollars or 2 billion rubles, according to reports.

The Bank of Russia has already confirmed the attack and said it is being investigated, avoiding more details or suspecting someone about hacking.central-bank-of-russia hacked

Central Bank spokesman Artyom Sychyov reported that hackers wanted to steal roughly 5 billion rubles, but the security team managed to partially block the attack by reducing damage to 2 billion rubles.

"We were lucky to get some of the money back," a central bank spokesman told CNN.

Although for the time being there are very few known about hacking against Russia's central bank, experts believe that the attack may be related to similar efforts made over the last two years and targeting banks around the world.

Only this year, a group of hackers managed to steal around 101 millions of dollars from central bank of Bangladesh violating the SWIFT system, the global interbank network that controls transactions. Just as in the case of Russia, hackers tried to steal more money (951.000.000 dollars), but they were blocked before completing money transfers.

The Russian Federal Security Service (also known as the FSB) had warned of attacks that could take place on local banks. Yet another hacked bank shows that warnings and security measures are not enough to protect systems even if they invest billions in security ...

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