Cepheus: The Perfect Poker Player who also knows bluffing

Cepheus: The "castles" of human intelligence are falling one after another, and in the future casinos would do well to ban access not only to minors, but also to robot players. The Best Poker Player, Never Fails, is a new software program developed by Canadian scientists based on a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm.Poker Cepheus

The researchers, led by Professor Michael Bowling of the University of Alberta, who published the relevant issue in the journal Science, according to the BBC, the Reuters agency and Nature, said the poker algorithm so closely followed. a game in the electronic "hump", which cannot be defeated, even if a man plays all his life against him (this is poker played with only two people). Cepheus

Whatever the player has, whatever tactic he or she is following, the computer will be overcome, which, among other things, makes a few bluffs!

The new artificial intelligence breakthrough comes in the wake of a series of comparable international successes, starting in 1997, when IBM's "Deep Blue" supercomputer beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov for the first time. More recently, in 2001, IBM's Watson supercomputer prevailed against its peers in the Jeopardy game.

Games like chess are considered easier for an artificial intelligence engine because all players have perfect information about what's going on in the game before making a decision. In the case of games like poker, however, this is not the case, because the players do not know what cards the other players hold in their hands.

The new poker program called “Cepheus"(Kefeves), based on game theory, can even overcome this problem of uncertainty. Having played inexperienced poker games alone, he is designed to learn from his experience and remember every decision that does not lead to the best possible outcome.

"Our model spent two months playing poker over and over again. He threw 24 trillion poker cards every second for two months, more than all of humanity has thrown away. So, in a sense, it's not surprising that it has developed the perfect strategy anymore, "said Michael Bowling, who in 2007 had done something similar to the queen, creating the ideal software program for this board game.

Researchers believe that similar algorithms with Kiffa, which solve the problem of uncertainty and incomplete information, could be used in the future in various other cases, such as airport security checks, medical, business negotiations, investment decisions, etc.

Anyone who wants, can try (in vain) his luck against the algorithm by playing a lot of e-poker at the address of the Canadian University poker.srv.ualberta.ca.

Source: Skai.gr

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