CES 2013: Do you have a whole family of iOS devices? Griffin's new PowerDock can charge five simultaneously


Griffin unveiled a new line of CES charging accessories in Las Vegas, which are ideal for those who have a whole family of iOS devices. It is called PowerDock 5 and can charge up to 5 devices at the same time, while classifying them evenly so they do not get much space on your desk.

Quote from Griffin:

The PowerDock 5 is the best solution to save you sitting in your office and charging several devices at the same time. It has five ports, which have a special stand to keep even the regular iPad. Just touch a device on it and plug it in with the cable. The ports are USB and you can connect any device that supports charging through it.

The PowerDock will be available in the spring and will cost 95 dollars.

In addition, Griffin introduced PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal, which incorporate the new ChangeSensor technology. The first is designed for the home. Plug it into any home outlet (from 100 to 240 volt) and it will convert it into a safe 10 watt power, which is enough to charge smartphones, tablets and e-readers.


The second is designed for the car. You can plug it into the lighter socket and incorporate SmartFuse technology, which protects your device from power fluctuations.

PowerBlock Universal will cost 30 dollars, while PowerJolt Universal 25 dollars. Like PowerDock, they will be available in the spring.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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