CES 2013: HAPIfork, the smartest fork ever made


What you are seeing here is what a great deal of CES is about: Getting something that is totally normal (and probably should stay like that) and impregnating it with some kind of crazy electronic intelligence that wants to transform your life.

Or so they claim.

"These" in this case are HAPILABS, which have a smart fork (yes, fork ... is not wrong), which will help you lose weight.

What makes this fork smarter than any fork in the history of the world is that it can understand how fast you eat and then put your voices on.

HAPIfork has sensors that can detect the speed and frequency of shaking food in your mouth and if the fork feels you are an avid little pig, it will start to vibrate to slow you down.

According to HAPILABS, you feel full after 20 minutes of continuous eating, almost no matter how much you eat. So if you eat slower, you will eat less, without feeling hungrier. And this, logically, will lead to weight loss, in case this interests you.

HAPIfork can send your food habits to your mobile phone or to a computer or a small standalone device (which also works as a fitness monitor), watching whether you are improving or if you continue to approach the food as a speed contest .

It will take care of suggesting ways to reduce your gliding glutton and, as an additional incentive, can post your progress to any social network that you think will be more embarrassing.

Also, the electronic part of the fork is separated from the body for easy cleaning.

HAPILABS plans to post HAPIfork to Kickstarter in March. With 99 $ you'll get the USB version (in one of five colors), while the wireless will not arrive before 2014.

If you desperately need this, you can sign up for updates here.

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