CES 2013: Super-protective cases for iPhone 5 from Lunatik


The new Taktik Extreme range of Lunatik pouches for iPhone 5 is like overprotective condoms. If it were to categorize them, then the Taktik Extreme would be the extra-safe model, Seismik would be the ribbed version, while Flak would be the very thinner for a "more natural feel".

But for the moment, we will stay on Taktik Extreme. A multi-level protection monster, which has Corning Gorrila Glass not only in front of the screen but also in the camera, which means you will never have to remove the case even when you want to take high resolution photos.

Moreover, it remains unaffected by dust and water, and can withstand any blow.

Its price and date of disposal have not yet been announced.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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