CES 2015 Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

In his speech at CES 2015, his head Mercedes-Benz Dr. Dieter Zetsche (better known as Dr. Z) unveiled the company's concept car for the future: The F 015 "Luxury in Motion."mercedes benz ces teaser

The "connected car" is more than just reading your text messages and giving you directions. The introduction of Google's self-driving car made car manufacturers see another future. With the F 015, Mercedes-Benz is trying to evolve car self-driving by adding interior seats that can be rotated to allow passengers to talk as the car takes them to their destination. Passengers are in control, and whoever wants to can drive by hand if needed.interior-f-015

In a transfer, Dr Z said the car would always know where to go, just as horses know how to return to their barn.

The F 015 is sporty and stylish, with silver carbon fiber bodywork. LED light changes indicate the self-guiding functions in relation to manual operations. The front LEDs speak to the pedestrians to let them know when it is safe to drive in front of the vehicle.mercedes-benz-f015

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