Channel 9 is transferred to Microsoft Learn

Channel 9 has long been a great way to see what's going on behind closed doors in Microsoft, but also how new products are created.

For many, Channel 9 has served as a platform for receiving first-hand technical information directly from people working at Microsoft. So from many opinions, it is an excellent learning tool with valuable learn featured image jpg

So today a Microsoft announcement states that Channel 9 is integrated into Microsoft Learn. All its content will be transferred to the new platform by the end of this month.

"Later this month, you'll find thousands of hours of Channel 9 technical knowledge in its new home, along with our hugely popular documentation and Microsoft Learn content." he said Microsoft.

"Apart from 'developer-to-developer' content, your favorite Channel 9 productions will continue to be shown, but in a new location."

Needless to say, Channel 9 will continue to evolve, but at the same time, it will also help Microsoft Learn to evolve faster. THE Microsoft mentions that it will bring a lot of technical shows to Learn, so if you are interested, a lot will be happening on the platform this month.


"With Microsoft Learn, we are committed to providing you with in-depth technical content in a variety of media. Subscribe to Learn TV on November 8th for the release of Visual Studio 2022 on VS 2022. And on November 9th, we host .NET Conf 2021, a three-day developer event celebrating important releases of the .NET development platform.

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