Charge your smartphone by chewing a chewing gum

Researchers from Canada have developed a which collects energy from regular jaw movements and generates electricity. This means that one day we could recharge them smartphone just chewing on a gum.

smartphone smartphone

Η do you run out? None . Run to the nearest fast food, or kiosk and start chewing.
In a paper published in the issue of Smart Materials and Structures last week, Canadian scientists explain that the device can be charged with a strap that the owner wears on the chin and includes integrated electrodes. So during meals, you can charge the appliance.

The bad news, according to Smart Materials and Structures, is that during an experiment, in a small meal, the energy produced was just 10 μW. In simple terms, the discovery needs to go a long way to fully exploiting the mandible.

"Given that the average power available from chewing is about 7 mW, we still have a long way to go before perfecting the device's performance," said Aidin Delnavaz from the Canadian Institute of Physics in a Daily. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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