ChatGPT 4 analysis finds scenarios for increasing cybercrime

Check Point Research (CPR) publishes an initial analysis of ChatGPT4, highlighting five scenarios that can allow attackers to modernize malicious attempts and preparations faster and more accurately.chatgpt4

In some cases, even inexperienced cybercriminals can create harmful tools. The five scenarios provided cover bank impersonation, reverse shells, C++ malware and more. Despite the presence of safeguards in ChatGPT4, some restrictions can be easily circumvented, allowing attackers to achieve their goals without much hindrance. The CPR warns of ChatGPT4's potential to accelerate the execution of cybercrimes and will continue its analysis of the platform in the coming days.

Check Point Research (CPR) has taken an initial look at ChatGPT4 and finds several scenarios that allow perpetrators to streamline malicious efforts and preparations, resulting in faster and more accurate results to accelerate cybercrime.

In some cases, these scripts enable people without technical training to create harmful tools, such as the coding, manufacturing, and packaging process, as if it were a simple recipe. Despite the presence of safeguards in ChatGPT4, some restrictions can be easily bypassed, allowing threat actors to achieve their goals without much hindrance.

CPR shares five scenarios of potentially malicious use of ChatGPT4.

C++ malware that collects PDF files and sends them to FTP
Phishing: Bank impersonation
Phishing: Email messages to employees
PHP Reverse Shell
Java program that downloads and runs putty that can be started as a hidden powershell The Best Technology Site in Greece
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  1. However, Eset maintains some "reservations" about the usefulness of chatgpt and also about its (possible) synergy in creating harmful situations.

    At the same time, we should not forget another movie (hare), the minority report where the artificial intelligence, together with some artificial psychics, sent special powers to anyone who had the intention or thought to do something bad.

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