ChatGPT turns us all into hackers

A few days ago we reported on ChatGPT, an AI system with tons of interesting use cases. But are there risks and challenges from new technologies based on artificial intelligence? Let's look at the risks and challenges ChatGPT poses to everyone, even those who don't use it.


Although you can't fully rely on the accuracy of the text ChatGPT writes its encoding seems to be good. Although the code it writes isn't quite right, it seems that the tool makes it much easier to create malicious code and makes it even easier to create phishing emails.

A Publication of VentureBeat examined this very phenomenon and calls it the democratization of cybercrime. The name refers to the fact that ChatGPT is an inclusive tool for cybercrime and enables anyone, even those with no coding experience, to quickly and easily write code for malware. One of the researchers, Matt Psencik, who is the Director of Tatium's Endpoint Security Specialist team, also gave examples of the tool being used in this way:

"In a few examples I already have, some are asking the bot to create convincing phishing emails or help reverse-engineer code to find zero-day exploits that could be used maliciously instead of reporting them for remediation."

This could lead to a huge increase in cyber attacks which will make life very difficult for cybersecurity teams trying to keep our devices and digital and online identities secure. The truth is, right now, it looks like ChatGPT has a lot more to offer malicious users than it has to offer the cybersecurity community.

This marks just another example of new and exciting technologies that are often double-edged swords and should be treated with caution. Promise and potential are often tempered by risks and challenges, and when we rush to implement technologies like artificial intelligence, there is the risk of nasty surprises. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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