ChatGPT stopped working for an hour

On March 20, ChatGPT, the popular AI chatbot developed by OpenAI, experienced an unexpected outage that lasted about an hour. Probably due to high demand, ChatGPT was experiencing instability.

During this time, users could not access the platform (even premium users) and could not use the AI. chat gpt

The hour-long outage of ChatGPT negatively affected many people who rely on the platform for their daily work. As you may know, the platform often goes down due to high demand. However, those who wish to continue using it during these periods can sign up for the Premium plan for $20 per month. Unfortunately, this time not the premium package did not help.

Even ChatGPT Premium subscribers could not access any of the exclusive features they had paid for.

The problem was fixed after about an hour. However, OpenAI did not comment on the issue and did not say anything about the cause of the problem.
This was of course to be expected, as OpenAI is the first company to release an AI technology that seems to work. No one knew in advance what traffic it would have, and of course what processes the millions of users who invaded the platform, when it was still in beta, would run. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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