ChatterPix Kids: Create animated images with speech.

ChatterPix Kids is a free Android and iOS mobile app that lets you create images that seem to speak and say your own voice messages.

chatterpix kids

Are you a teacher, kindergarten teacher or just want to entertain your children who are still in infancy? You can convey the message you want in a smart way. With ChatterPix Kids you can select an image, mark it with a mouth that looks like it is talking, and assign a 30-second recorded sound to it.

In addition, you can apply filters and stickers on it and you will get the final result as a video. You can present it to your class as a message from the hero of the image.

Alternatively, you can use this app to create and design fun activities for your classmates to enjoy.

The ChatterPix Kids app is relatively easy to use so that even bitter kids can play with it and especially without ads. Runs on cell phones android and iOS

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